Dress Code

Respecting tradition, but less formal

Dress Code & Etiquette

We do not allow for persons wearing football shirts or tracksuits onto the main golf course, but you are welcome to wear that form of clothing on the Par 3 course and the Driving Range.

You don’t have to wear golf shoes – soft soled trainers are fully acceptable to wear around the golf course.
However, we do not allow work boots or form of footwear that would damage the course.

Open 7 days a week

Like any golf course, we do ask that you are respectful when playing your round of golf, or using any of the facilities, and follow the local rules of Halfpenny Green Golf Club. They are available on your scorecard, or in the Clubhouse, and we’ve outlined them below here also;

  • If you lose a ball and taking longer than 5 mins to find it, we will ask you to play a new ball (keep in mind that we allocate 10 minutes between tee off times, and you may end up waiting for other golfers to play through)
  • We ask that you play two club lengths away from any tree. The grass is left longer by the trees on purpose, as it protects them from the ball, and possible damage from golf clubs when attempting to hit the ball away.
  • There are rakes provided in every bunker. It’s good etiquette to rake the bunker for the golfers following you, prior to moving to the next hole
  • Whilst we appreciate that mobile phones are a part of life nowadays, we politely request that they are placed on silent, or switched off, while on the course, as a courtesy to other golfers.