Driving Range

The latest golfing technology to improve your game.

Floodlit Driving Range

Here at Halfpenny Green we have the world famous automated teeing system for the driving range. The Power-Tee system is a revolutionary way to enjoy and play the game of golf.

The automated system enables players to load the balls into a specially designed mat, and the balls automatically appear from the ground after every shot. So no more bending over time and time again to replace a new ball!There are 4 different heights available, or you can just tee straight off the grass.

The best thing about the new system is the price you pay. Most ranges increase the price of balls up to £1, but at Halfpenny Green, you do not pay a single penny extra.

You can choose from bucket sizes of 25, 45 and 90 balls.    

Buckets of Golf Balls
  • Flat Outfield
  • 12 Bay Driving Range
  • Accurate Yardage Markers
  • 250 Yards
  • Target Green
  • Stunning View
  • New Driving Mats
  • New Srixon Range Balls
  • Mechanical Ball Dispensing Machine
  • Flood-Lights allows all year round play
25 Balls
45 Balls
90 Balls
Range Card £15 for 5 x 90 Ball vends