Foot Golf

Have fun and get fit playing Footgolf – Where football meets golf.

Foot Golf

Footgolf the latest sports craze, and people are laughing themselves into shape with it at Halfpenny Green.

It combines football and golf (who knew!), where you run around trying to putt a goal – or should that be, kick a hole-in one?!

It’s great fun for the kids, and the adults won’t be able to contain their excitement either! Come and try it out today at Halfpenny Green.

The precision sport isn’t just about fun, it’s a great way to get fit. Simply kick your ball into the hole in as few shots as possible, playing against your opponent.


The rules are simple – the player who completes the task of getting their ball into the hole in the fewest kicks wins.

We hope you’ve picked who you’re up against!

You’ll find it rather addictive, so what’re you waiting for? Book now