Health & Fitness

Build your core strength and fitness.

Health & Fitness

At Halfpenny Green, we have a brand new gym which includes:

  • Free Weights
  • Kinesis Machines
  • Cardiovascular Machines
  • Breathtaking views
  • Unisex steam room
  • Clean, modern changing facilities
  • Physiotherapy

We will shortly be offering a Golfing Fitness Class where our fitness instructors will provide group sessions tailored to improving your game of golf through fitness.

Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is often perceived as a sport that people enjoy while drinking beer and riding around in a golf buggy, stopping occasionally only to slice a hasty shot into the rough.
The truth however, can only be found when you play your first round of golf.

If you’re playing golf in the way it’s meant to be played – with a bag on your back and walking the course – there are many health benefits.

Burn Calories

Over a round of 9 holes, if walking the length of the course with your bag, you can lose between 750-1000 calories. (This depends on the hilliness of the terrain.)

Strengthen Core Muscles

Carrying a golf bag helps to maintain good posture, and your core will benefit from a good workout.

Soak in the Vitamin D

Spending time in the sunlight will help you to absorb more vitamin D, which is known to be beneficial for bone growth, a healthy heart, and reduces anxiety levels (as long as you can minimise your double bogeys!)

Mental Agility

Golf provides a mental workout too. Every hole is a puzzle to be solved – it’s a game of strategy, as well as skill.

Every shot you play, you need to consider;

• Strength and direction of the wind
• How hot or cold it is (this can affect the flight of the golf ball)
• Which club is best for the type of shot you need to play
• The gradient of the hole
• How much power to apply to your shot

Better Sleep

Expending larger amounts of energy allow for falling asleep more quickly, and remaining in a deep sleep for longer periods of time. This allows for cell regeneration, helping to repair muscle and tissue.

Increases Life Expectancy

Scientific research conducted in 2016 states that golf helps improve cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic health.

“Given that the sport can be played by the very young to the very old, this demonstrates a wide variety of health benefits for people of all ages.”
Dr Andrew Murray, Health Research Centre