9-hole Golf Course with 18 tees

Par 35 (69 18 Holes)

Main Golf Course

Halfpenny Green is a 9-hole Golf Course with 18 tees set over 5919 yards, 9 holes par 35, 18 holes par 69.

This course is open to everyone as a pay as you play course. The flatness of the course makes it ideal for intermediate and beginner players yet challenging enough for the seasoned golf player.

Our greens are kept in immaculate condition, and the excellent drainage of the course means Halfpenny Green is open all year round and playing on regular greens/tees regardless of rain and bad weather.

The bunkers are scattered across the course in strategic spots to add difficulty with water features on the 6th and 9th fairway adding scenery and difficulty to the course.

Halfpenny Green is a forward thinking golf facility, with relaxed rules to encourage more people to enjoy the great game of golf. Our inclusive approach enables players and beginners to fit golf into their busy lifestyles.

An example of this is the seasoned player who regularly enjoys an early 18 holes on a morning so he can return home before lunch. Our welcoming and relaxed atmosphere means his whole family are now also regular visitors to our facilities such as the driving range and tuition. We always strive to ensure regular players respect and enjoy our course, but importantly never wanted to be the stuffy traditional golf club that discouraged anyone from playing golf, the game we love.


In order for all to enjoy the same, Halfpenny Green has introduced a new teeing system, where depending on your standard of play you can select your tee option:

  • Blue Tees
    • For total beginner and juniors, these are set further forward onto the fairway, closer to the greens. After perhaps plating on the Par 3 course, this presents a slightly longer distance, and will encourage confidence to play on the main course.
  • Red Tees
    • These tees are aimed at beginners/junior/seniors who may have difficulties in achieving the distance required from the tee.
  • Yellow Tees
    • Aimed intermediate golfers, but used by all players. It presents a greater challenge due to the distance and tee placement.
  • While Tees
    • The most difficult tees on the course, set furthest back and aimed at the advanced or competition golfer.

As far as we know, no other golf club encourages a tee system like ours that is optimised for all skill levels and all types of golf participants. We do not encourage separate ladies and mens tees to maintain our friendly and inclusive gold course ethos.