Academy Course

Professional golf tuition for under 16s.

Par 3 (Academy) Course

Our Par 3 (Academy) course is open all year round. It’s open to all standards of golfer, and is the perfect place for anyone who is new to golf, or simply toning up your short game.

Its undulating design presents a healthy challenge, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional; and with holes ranging from 40 yards to 80 yards, it’s suitable for kids, through to adults of all playing ability.

Whether you are visiting Halfpenny Green to play a full round of golf, or to practice on our floodlit driving range or even a family outing; the Par 3 course is an ideal place to warm up and fine tune your short game. The Par 3 course is a great place to have fun with the family or for the more seasoned golfer to get a feel for their striking. putting and pitching. We have two different teeing off positions for each hole; Driving mats or grass. We recommend beginners use the driving mats and the more experienced golfers to tee of the grass to enhance the natural feel of the course.

Did you know that in competition, PGA tour professionals practice on average for 90 minutes before their round of golf? We have the facilities here for you to do the same!

We offer FREE club and ball hire for those that forget or do not have the golfing equipment. If you have never tried golf before, the as well as the Par 3 course, we recommend using the automated power tees on our driving range to hone your skills.

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