Putting Green

Practice Bunker & Chipping area

Putting Green, Practice Bunker & Pitching Green

Practicing on our driving range is always popular, however a key part of your overall golf game requires developing skills on your short game. Whether you’re 5 yards or 50 yards off the green, we have the perfect facility to help you reduce your handicap and overall short game. The more you can practice hitting the golf ball of natural grass surfaces, the more skilled and confident you will become in striking the golf ball accurately.

Beginners Advice

If you’re venturing onto onto our main 9 hole golf course for the first time, the following advice may help build your confidence and enjoyment. From many years of experience we have found that not being able to strike the ball off the playing surface, whether it’s from the fear of hitting the ground or not gaining the distance can lead to frustrations. A successful way that we at Halfpenny Green promote skill development for our players is to encourage them to use a tee for all their shots (aside from the putting green & bunkers), during the round.


Putting Tips

Learning how to putt takes time, and there are many methods you can adopt when practicing.

The key to controlling the travelling distance of the ball, is to roll it, rather than hitting it. Adopt an open stance and apply slightly more weight on your left side, with your putter shaft leaning towards the target. This will allow for the ball to roll more smoothly along the green.

There are 5 principles that are useful to understand; the angle of the clubface, the swing path, angle of attack, strike point and speed.
It’s good to know that these same principles also apply to your main swing.

Speak to one of our professional golfers for more tips, or to arrange golf lessons.